Settlement Agreements

settlement-agreement-icon1It is critical that all agreements in family matters be committed to writing by a legal professional.
I draft clear, comprehensive agreements of all kinds. All agreements are in proper legal form, and satisfy all legal requirements for binding, enforceable contracts. All agreements can be submitted to the Court and incorporated into legal judgments.

The agreements that I draft include:

    • prenuptial/premarital agreements
    • postnuptial agreements
    • separation agreements
    • parenting agreements
    • custody and support agreements
    • property agreements
    • comprehensive marital settlement agreements.

My agreements that I draft are straightforward, detailed and unambiguous.  They are easy to understand and interpret, which dramatically reduces conflict over time.
I routinely draft agreements for my legal, mediation and parenting coordination clients, but I am also available to prepare agreements for couples who have reached agreement on their own and simply need the agreement written up.

If you and your spouse have already prepared a settlement agreement, either on your own or in mediation, I can review that agreement to ensure that it reflects your objectives and intent, satisfactorily resolves all of the issues, and comports with the law.