My Services

There are several methods available for resolving the legal issues of your separation/divorce. You can negotiate directly with your spouse. You can engage a mediator to guide and facilitate your negotiations. You can engage an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Or, if your dispute is limited to custody and parenting issues, you can work with a parenting coordinator to resolve those issues.

I offer each of these services: legal representation; mediation; and parenting coordination. Please explore these links for more details about these roles and processes, and to determine which approach is best for you.

family-law-icon1 I advise clients in all aspects of family law, and represent clients in settlement negotiations prior to the commencement of litigation. My law practice is unique in that I do not represent clients in contested litigation. This reflects my conviction that family matters should be settled by cooperative, collaborative negotiation rather than by doing battle.Read More
mediation-icon1 In mediation, spouses work together with the help of a well-trained neutral mediator to reach agreement on the issues in their divorce. You and your spouse control the process and make the decisions. The role of the mediator is to structure and facilitate communication, provide information, identify issues, ensure fairness and civility, promote joint problem-solving, and commit agreements to writing.Read More
parenting-coordination-icon1 Parenting Coordination is a child-centered dispute resolution process designed to help reduce the burden of divorce on the children of high-conflict parents. A parenting coordinator is appointed by the Court or engaged by the parties to monitor compliance with any agreements or Court orders, to clarify and enforce the details of the parenting plan, to make temporary, limited decisions in the best interests of the children, to mediate parenting disputes, and to educate parents in collaboration and cooperation.Read More
settlement-agreement-icon1 I draft clear, comprehensive agreements of all kinds. All agreements are in proper legal form, and satisfy all legal requirements for binding, enforceable contracts. All agreements can be submitted to the Court and incorporated into legal judgments.Read More