Parenting Coordination

parenting-coordination-icon1Parenting Coordination is a child-centered dispute resolution process designed to help reduce the burden of divorce on the children of high-conflict parents. A parenting coordinator is appointed by the Court or engaged by the parties to monitor compliance with any agreements or Court orders, to clarify and enforce the details of the parenting plan, to make temporary, limited decisions in the best interests of the children, to mediate parenting disputes, and to educate parents in collaboration and cooperation. The precise role of the parenting coordinator will be established either by Court order, or by the attorney-approved stipulations of the parents.

Parenting coordination is not appropriate for parents who have only occasional or mild disagreements concerning their parenting or custody plan, or the needs of their children. For those parents, mediation is the preferrred method for resolving these differences. Parenting coordination is only appropriate where there is ongoing, high level parental conflict — a powerful risk factor for children of divorce — and the parents are unable or unwilling to cooperate on parenting decisions.

Although parents may contact me directly for information about the process and whether it would be suitable in their case, I will only accept parenting coordination appointments that are made by the Court or approved by counsel pursuant to an official Order or detailed engagement agreement.