Client Comments

“Rebecca is a superb attorney and counselor: her advice is calm,  compassionate and knowledgeable. She was steadfast when she needed to be, and flexible when the situation warranted. Above all, she kept my husband’s and my negotiations focused on the most important thing — preserving our relationship so we could be the best parents possible. I recommend her enthusiastically.”

Candace H.,Chevy Chase, MD

“Rebecca is a rock of support and knowledge.”

Michael M., Washington DC

“Rebecca is whip smart, thoroughly competent, tactically creative, and completely dedicated to her clients. She has an exceptionally high emotional IQ, and is sensitive and intuitive about human relations, which makes her both an effective counselor and a highly skilled negotiator. Rebecca has a particular affinity for and understanding of children, whose interests are paramount in her practice. She clearly prefers to resolve family isues cooperatively and without unnecessary drama, but as she demonstrated in my case, she is also a formidable advocate when need be. She is a superb writer; is responsive, efficient and attentive to details, and has a dry sense of humor that helps diffuse tension. I heartily recommend her to anyone who needs help with a divorce or family situation.

Steve R., Silver Spring, MD

“Rebecca is truly one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. She is very professional, is always prepared and thorough, and zealously serves her client’s best interests. I am truly satisfied with the result obtained.”

Daniel G., Gaithersburg, MD

“I recommend Rebecca Lippman in the highest possible terms. She has an uncanny ability to cut through irrelevant details to arrive at the crux of the matter. She was always on top of the legal issues and successfully negotiated a settlement agreement that resolved all of the problems in my complex, international divorce. In addition to being an expert in family law, she is extremely perceptive, and provided excellent, thoughtful advice as well as valuable emotional support. Years after my divorce was finalized, I continue to seek out her advice and guidance.”

Lisa R., Bethesda, MD

“I originally engaged Rebecca to review a settlement agreement that had been drafted by a team of divorce mediators. She immediately identified several serious problems with the agreement, including errors in the legal language and significant inequities in the terms of the financial settlement. Rebecca negotiated a much clearer and fairer settlement on my behalf without generating or escalating any further conflict. I have tremendous confidence in her judgment and skills, and over the years have referred her to numerous professional colleagues and friends who needed similar help.”

Gordon S., Washington, DC

“My marriage was a difficult and highly-sensitive situation. Rebecca offered astute advice and information, and was truly a complete resource, providing outstanding referrals to other professionals. She is strongly intuitive, and has a profoundly comforting manner. I am grateful for her superb guidance.”

Jean W., Bethesda, MD